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Featherhill Chaps is owned and operated by Karlene Minnich.

The rolling hills of the Pennsylvania Dutch Country seem an unlikely setting for an up-to-date Western Store, catering to the needs of the horse show crowd, yet it is here that we began. In the 1950's, "Featherhill" was a poultry farm, but the only remaining vestige of chickens is the name. Established in 1964, we began as a vehicle to obtain proper training and show gear, and attire for the 20 or more horses and clients showing with Featherhill Training Stables under the guidance of Karlene Minnich. For twenty years the store business prospered under the direction of Karlene and her mother, Arlene Heiney. In 1983, after the loss of both of her parents, Karlene decided to put the horse training business into the background and push full speed ahead with the store. With Karlene's history of involvement in the Quarter Horse Industry, the direction of the store business was set.

The location of the original store, on the farm, just east of Lenhartsville, Pennsylvania, made it geographically difficult to attract the wide-spread exhibitors to drive up and shop, so we took to the road. The store trailer was a familiar sight at horse shows, reinings, cuttings, and sales across the country for many years. After a serious illness and the death of her beloved husband, Joe Schlegel, Karlene closed the doors on the store, but continues to hand make custom chaps, chinks, belts, spur straps, bags and just about anything you can imagine. She is a familiar sight at all the local cuttings, reinings, sortings, and working cow horse events.

We are owned and operated by horse people for horse people. When you ask about an item, we will professionally answer your questions and steer you in the right direction. Our inventory is all hand-made by Karlene.

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